Over 6 million people take part in this activity looking for adventure, exploration, and discovery or just to have closer contact with wildlife. The easy access, the safety and the life style change, are the reasons why over a million people become certified divers every year.

The divers that are already certified learn to use specialized equipment, like underwater cameras, underwater lights, compasses, underwater vehicles, dive computers, etc., this leads to further advanced training so that they can enjoy new ecosystems, like night diving, deep diving, wreck diving, lake diving and much more.

To travel all over the world to different dive destinations is a diver’s passion. There are thousands of fascinating places to dive. Registering those dives in your log book and getting it stamped from far away places is what every diver dreams of.

This is all possible thanks to the equipment that we use in diving activities. The equipment allows us to be part of the environment. Different equipment is used for different dive activities. That said, you can dive almost anywhere you can find water. This is why you will find equipment for tropical diving, cold water dives and Tec diving. Your training will teach you the right usage of available equipment.

Diving is a physical activity that has emotional connections; it creates friendship and integration with other people.

It is a very exciting escape from day to day living. 

Colombia Diving 2012 | coordinador@colombiadiving.com